Study seeks to improve balance in those with MS

Brad Bowser, an exercise science faculty member, received a Young Scientist Travel Award from America’s Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis this spring. The award is given to emerging young scientists in the field of multiple sclerosis research. He gave the platform presentation “Exercise Improves Sit-to-Stand Function in People with MS” at buy generic viagra online the fourth Cooperative Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis this summer in San Diego. Bowser explains that his research seeks to improve balance for those with MS through resistance and flexibility training. MS patients were tested on a sit-to-stand movement, and then they received 16 weeks of flexibility training or resistance training. Bowser found substantial improvements in speed of movement and strength, but the patients

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did not change their movement strategy. In his continuing study, Bowser is looking at ways to improve sit-to-stand movement strategy to reduce the risk for developing other types of injuries caused by faulty movement mechanics. In an effort to improve sit-to-stand mechanics, Bowser plans to collect muscle activation patterns and implement real-time biofeedback. The goal is to train people with MS to, over time, apply equal ground reaction forces by both legs to cialis generic avoid favoring one exforge cialis interaction leg. Providing MS patients with real-time feedback on their muscle activation and ground reaction forces during a sit-to-stand will help them to improve their balance and stability, he says. Of course, force plates stroke caused by viagra used in viagra 30 off the biomechanics lab “are pretty expensive. We want to try to do the same thing using a Wii balance board. Does playing the Wii improve stability and balance?” Bowser asks. To do so, stability will be tested before and after a training protocol using the Wii balance board.

Dave Graves

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