Rogers: Neither rusted or burnt out

Prof uses retirement to focus more on community service

Professional athletes sometimes have trouble knowing herb viagra review when to retire, continuing to play beyond their productive years. That can happen in education too. That wasn’t the case

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for Professor Larry Rogers, who retired in December 2010 from the Undergraduate Teacher Education Department at age 68. “I didn’t retire because I had run out of gas. I retired because I was 2 ½ years past full retirement. I figured I had taken my shot. It was time to give a younger person a chance,” a still enthusiastic Rogers says at the end of a twenty-minute telephone interview. He talks like someone who is still in love with classroom teaching, something he has done since 1969. But Parkinson’s Law keeps him from missing teaching too much. Parkinson’s Law, articulated in a humorous essay by cialis daily side effects Cyril Northcote Parkinson, states that work expands to fill the time available. Rogers had been civically active while teaching. Now “they’ve become more of a focus. I don’t have to squeeze them in. It’s not so much a change of effort but a change of priority. They’re more important now,” the Brookings United Church of Christ church council member says.

School board, library board, never bored

His other community activities center on the Brookings School Board and the Brookings Public Library. He has held a seat on the Brookings School Board since July 2009, when he was appointed to fill an unexpired term. Rogers was elected for a three-year term April 13, 2010 and now serves as vice president. He has declared that Brookings public schools “are probably the single greatest asset the community has.” But he adds, “Institutionally, the library is almost as important to the community as the school district.” Consequently, he serves as president of the Brookings Library Board and the Friends of the Library, a fund-raising group of 250 people that conduct two books per year with about forty volunteers providing monthly service to the library.

A good fit for his family

“I’ve always been busy. When I was on campus, I spent seven years on the Academic Senate, and it seemed like I was on five committees at a time. So the whole thing about community service has been a part of my life,” says Rogers, who was chair of the Academic Senate in 2009-10. Brookings and SDSU provided a good fit for he and his wife, Ruth Harper, a member of the Counseling Department. Frequently, both spouses are not able to gain tenure-track positions in the same university, he notes. Rogers taught at Sioux Falls cialis symptoms College from 1992 to 1995 before starting at State. He says Brookings also was a good midpoint between his family in Nebraska and Harper’s family in Minnesota.

‘It’s show time’

As a teacher, he says “I was never going to be in a position where I was going to do something for the eleventh time in a row.” He was known for injecting energy and ingenuity into his teaching. So much so that when his wife found a poster for Rogers Circus, she posted it on his office door. He decided the poster was appropriate because when he would leave for work, he would remark “it’s show time.” “I’ve been told the first ten minutes of the 8 o’clock class I can be rather irritating. It’s like I came out of the chute. I never canadian pharmacy had a moment I dreaded going into class. Making sense of instructional opportunities is pretty energizing. “I found my students always interesting to be around and frequently funny. I don’t always find that true of people my age or academics in general. If I had an opportunity to be in lifeboat rxnorth canadian pharmacy A or lifeboat B, I’d be in the one with the students. “I had one of my students look up one morning and say, ‘Do you ever give it a rest?’ I said ‘Oh no. otc cialis Oh hell no!’ “I always thought teaching was the center of the universe.”

A leader in technology

The Chicago native was an early leader in using technology in instruction. In 1998, he was among the first recipients of the Governor’s Teaching with Technology awards. He rewrote a 400-level course to incorporate student use of technology and also made an alternative version of that course as an online class. Rogers also directed the Program for Rural School and Community Renewal, a five-year, $1.4-million privately funded grant program, and was one of the authors of Peril and Promise, a collection of essays about South Dakota and community. He said

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he continues to maintain friendships created through those groups as well as with former students. In retirement, he says he misses “the ability to make other people read stuff,” but he doesn’t miss being in class at 8 a.m.

Dave Graves

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