Catching Up with Jennifer Warkenthien – Teacher, wife, mom, coach and photographer

What have you been doing since graduating in 2009?Familiy pic “Following graduation in 2009, I was married that June. I then received an elementary education certificate through the partnership with Dakota State University in fall 2009 and completed my student teaching in DeSmet. I took a fourth grade position with the Hamlin School District in 2010, and then accepted a fifth grade teaching position in DeSmet in 2011. I am viagra and heart failure currently teaching fifth grade and coaching junior high girls basketball as well. My husband, Blake, and I have two little boys, a 3-year-old Jace and a 1-year-old Jaden.” How did SDSU prepare you for all that? “During my time viagra cialis tabs at SDSU, I took several classes that prepared me for my career as an educator. I was able to work with children from birth through middle

school, so that allowed me to really get a feel for how children of those different ages learn. As a student-athlete at SDSU, I was able to learn how to manage my time and stay on track with my schoolwork while balancing practice and games. As a mom, I know what it is like to have to balance home life with the demands of work.” You have your own photography business. How has that gone? “Photography has been a hobby of mine for a long time. When I moved to DeSmet, I started taking pictures for people, to pay off my camera, and word spread. It’s a fun opportunity for me to do something on the side that I enjoy. It is really fun for me to interact with children and capture memories for families, as picture memories are very important keepsakes to me.” JennYou were part of the only Jackrabbit team to win a NCAA tournament game in 2008-09. The Jackrabbits went 32-2 that season finished ranked in The Associated Press poll. What was the personality of that team? What made that SDSU squad so good? “That was such a fun year! I think our success came from how unselfish and close-knit of a group we were. We all cared about one another and were willing to step on the court and battle for one another. We were always willing to work for something bigger than ourselves. And, I think we just had great overall balance on the court at all times. We had great defenders, as well as offensive threats from every position.” Note: Warkenthien recorded a double-double in the NCAA Tournament win over TCU with 15 points and 10 rebounds. She also dished a game-high 6 assists. Some people might be surprised that you had over 200 career assists as a forward. Was it fun finding open teammates? “That how much does cialis cost is probably my favorite personal accomplishment out of any of my statistics. It was always fun finding open teammates or creating plays that left someone wide-open.” What’s your favorite memory of SDSU basketball? “My favorite memory from my time at SDSU would have to be making it to the NCAA Tournament my senior year. As exciting as it was to win The Summit League Tournament, that win over TCU was unforgettable. I have made so many memories with all of my teammates that I will cherish forever. I feel so blessed to have been a part of the Jackrabbits family.”

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